MSc Mentor Program Spring Mingle 2015





The traditional MSc Mentor Program Spring Mingle took place on Tuesday May 27, in the Atrium. Mentors and Mentees came together for drinks, nibbles and some sharing of mutual experience. Alumni Relations Manager Jessica O’Mary presented SSE’s strategy and vision for alumni and Mentor Vivian Careaga, of Spotify and Mentée Marc Schmid shared their reflections. A huge thanks to all participants in the program for their enthusiasm and generous feedback. We look forward to keep working with the program, making it even better next year.



Handelsdagarna Career Fair 2015 -10 tips on how to be successful

The most important SSE Career Event of the year, Handelsdagarna, takes place February 5-6. This year, nearly 70 companies will be exhibiting, hundreds of speed interviews will be performed and  great lectures and workshops are offered.

As always, preparation is the key to getting the most out the fair. Here are some useful tips from

1. Do research ahead of time. It’s extremely important to start by looking ahead of time at what companies will attend the fair. Many schools will provide a database of companies and what types of positions they’re looking to fill. Determine what companies are hiring your major and the ones where you’d like to work. Then you should research those companies more to learn everything you can about it, just like you would for a job interview. A well-prepared attendee is most impressive to recruiters.

2. Prioritize the companies. Once you’ve researched the companies, you need to decide which ones you’d like to speak with the most. Make a list and rank them so you can make it to the most important ones on your list first.

3. Practice your elevator speech. When you meet recruiters, you will need to introduce yourself with a 60-second elevator speech. This should cover who you are, what your goals are, and what you have to offer. Before the fair, draft out your speech, practice it, perfect it, and memorize it.
4. Prepare some questions to ask. In addition to your elevator speech, you should also think of some questions to ask the recruiters. Some good questions to ask include what the company culture is like or what roles you might fit. If you’re stuck, look for a list of suggested questions for candidates to ask in job interviews.

5. Bring plenty of copies of your resume. Print out about 10-20 copies of your resume. Bring them in a folder with a notepad. Yes, you will have specific companies in mind before you get there, but you might notice some others along the way so it’s best to be over-prepared.

6. Dress for success. Career fairs are just like job interviews, so you need to dress professionally. Wear professional, business attire in neutral colors like black or gray. Also remember to wear comfortable shoes because you will be on your feet for a few hours and nothing looks worse than a candidate who is hobbling around in 4-inch heels.

7. Get there early. At the beginning of the day, you and the recruiters are both fresh and ready to go, so you’ll make the best impression if you’re one of the first candidates they meet. Arriving early with a positive attitude will benefit you tremendously.

8. Keep track of your conversations. Use your notepad, to keep track of the companies and recruiters with whom you spoke. Write down recruiters’ names and your initial reactions so you can follow up when you get home.

9. Collect business cards. In the interest of efficiency, ask for recruiters’ business cards so you can use accurate contact information. Whether you’re asked to interview or not, you can contact recruiters to say, “thank you,” after the fair.

10. Follow up within 24 hours. When you get home from career fairs, it’s essential to send thank you emails to all of the recruiters you met. Remind them where you met, what you discussed, and the position that would suit you. Studies show more than 20 percent of recruiters won’t hire a candidate who doesn’t send a thank you note. Following up after career fairs can make or break your chance at landing a job.

Establishing a plan and covering all your bases before you arrive at a career fair can mean the difference between landing five interviews and leaving empty-handed. If you are extremely organized and know what you’re getting into, you can be really successful at any career fair.

Why do applications get rejected?

With the recruitment season in full swing and 220 job ads on SSE Careers Online – here is some excellent advice from via Warwick Careers Blog

The Careers Blog

Why did my job application get rejected? Why didn’t I get an interview? What am I doing wrong?”

Sound familiar? Well, don’t waste time and energy waiting for an employer to fill in the blanks – they simply don’t have the time. Fortunately, the good folk at have done the work on your behalf to find out why applications get rejected. Over to James Howell, Content and Marketing Executive for the team…

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Kick-off for MSc Mentor Program 2014/15

2014-10-07 18.36.19


Last night, over 160 MSc students, SSE alumni and Corporate Partners gathered for the official start of the 2014/15 MSc Mentor program. After a brief introduction from Professor Pär Åhlström, Dean  Degree Programs, stating the program’s important part in the support of students personal and career development, mentors and mentées got the opportunity to meet and connect. From what we saw of all the animated discussions going on, in every corner of the atrium, long after supposed closing time, this year’s program has every chance of becoming a huge success.

Creating your personal brand

I was recently asked to take part in a panel of “career experts” in Svenska Dagbladet, giving my views on how best to create your personal brand in the workplace. Pondering the question, I realized how much I dislike this expression. Although with a background from sales and marketing myself, I cannot identify with comparing people to brands.

In my opinion, being successful within a company is all about getting to know people and building relationships. Forget about yourself and start thinking about what you can do for others. Show some genuine interest in you colleagues and your boss. Who are these people, what are their dreams and goals? Listen to what they have to tell you. Offer your help, even if it’s not in your job description. Be generous, share your own knowledge and experience. Give praise, show your appreciation. It might sound altruistic but I believe that this “strategy of kindness” is the most effective way of building the relationships necessary for a successful career.


Why You Must Be Using LinkedIn and Take Your Profile Seriously

As a student, you may feel that there are more fun places to go on the internet than Linkedin, but the fact is that if you care about your career, you really don’t have a choice. The number of recruiters using LinkedIn to find candidates is exploding and you need to be there to be searchable.

Read about The Most Important LinkedIn Page You’ve Never Seen and more in this article from


Blind Applying – top employers offer secret internships all over the world

BA2.0+flyer+-+ohne+LogosMore information on


We’re back!

The Careers Blog has been sadly inactive recently, due to excessive workload. This is now going to change. We’ll start by giving a warm welcome to all our new students. Hopefully, you’ve settled in well at SSE and are beginning to find your way around the premises. A special welcome to our international students – we hope you’ll have a wonderful time here in our beautiful city of Stockholm.

By now, you should all have received log in credentials to our Careers portal, SSE Careers Online. If not, just drop us an email at

This week, we’re launching a new  free services, GoingGlobal.


Going Global country-specific career and employment database contains more than 80,000 pages of constantly-updated information on topics such as: work permit/visa regulations, resume writing guidelines and examples, employment trends, salary ranges, networking groups and cultural/interviewing advice. World-wide job openings, internship listings, and corporate profiles are also included.

You’ll find GoingGlobal under your Shortcuts at SSE Careers Online.


Business Creator of the Year 2014

ARCTISTIC / Photo: Nicklas GustafssonCongratulations Olof Svanberg, 19, on winning 1st place in entrepreneurship competition “Business Creator of the Year” , as well as a place at SSE BSc program in Business & Economics. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to SSE in the fall.

Announcement: New Career Services webpage and online recruitment portal at SSE main webpage

Our online services (career libraries, applications guidelines etc) have moved to the new Career Services page at the SSE Student Portal. You need to be a registered student to access most of the services.

General information  is now to be found at the SSE Career Services  page at the SSE  main website. Please visit us there.

This blogsite will continue as it was originally intended to be – a career blog for SSE students and friends.

Looking forward to keeping in touch.